Me, about me

I was born on April 16, 1984 in Marasesti village, within Baia de Arama city, Mehedinti County. I spent my childhood with my family, enjoying the unparalleled beauty of the lands of Mehedinti Mountains, the purity and simplicity of the people of these lands, raised with respect and love of work and beauty, preservers of traditions and traditional costumes, elements which have permanently influenced my manner and attitude towards life.

I took my first steps at the school of Mărăşeşti (1998), then I graduated the Theoretical High School of Baia de Arama (2002), the Faculty of Economics within “Constantin Brancusi ” University of Targu Jiu (2006) and “Spiru Haret” University of Bucharest – Master’s Degree in Ethnography and Folklore (2008).

As any child, I was fascinated by the beauty of folk songs in this extraordinary area of the country, and I tried to feel it, to understand it, to find myself in it, without the courage to dream of taking this difficult, but wonderful path. I took my first steps in music in 2000, in folk group “Liliacul” of Baia de Arama, under the guidance of Mrs. Elena Mimiş –Trancă , along with many other children in the area, with whom I discovered, one by one, the emotions and feelings of being in shows, the joy of success due to the applause of the audience, always at the same intensity, even if the show was on the stage of the village school or on major stages, while taking part in many national and international tours.

In 2003 I enlisted in the folk music canto department of the Folk Art School of Targu Jiu, taught by Mrs. Emilia Drăgotoiu-Nanu under whose guidance I started forming and perfecting my interpretive style. Mr. Viorel Garbaciu, the manager of this institution, greatly helped and supported me, and he was always by my side and supported me in my artistic development.

An important stage in my career was the meeting of 2005 with the great lady of Mehedinti folk song, Maria Răchiteanu – Voicescu, whose advice, encouragement and song texts have been of great use to me, for my debut and development as a folk music singer.

Starting with 2004 I participated in many folklore festivals, where I obtained more than encouraging results, my dearest being:

  • 2006
    • First place – “Dan Moisescu” Festival, Constanţa
    • Grand Prize – “Mariana Drăghicescu”, National Contest and Festival for professional soloists, Timişoara
  • 2005
      • Second place – National Festival of Romanian Folk Song and Dance, Mamaia
      • First place – “Maria Tanase” National Contest and Festival for Romanian folk song interpreters, Craiova
      • First place, “Cântecele Motrului” National Festival, Gorj
      • First place, “Vară, vară, primavară” National Folk Music Festival, Sibiu

    • Grand Prize, “Cântecele românilor de pretutindeni” International Folklore Festival, Drobeta Tr. Severin
    • Place III, “Strugurele de aur” Romanian folk song National Contest and Festival, Jidvei
    • First place, “Flori în Ţara Bărsei” National Folk Music Contest for young singers, Brasov
  • 2004
    • Grand Prize, National Contest of Doina’s and ballads, Drăgăneşti-Olt
    • First place, “Pe marginea Dunarii” International Contest and Festival of folk music, Giurgiu
    • First place, “Munte ,munte, brad frumos” Folk Music Contest and Festival, Baia de Aramă

Afterwards I took part in national and international tours and shows, with renowned performers such as Sava Negrean Brudaşcu, Florentina and Petre Giurgi , Ionuţ Fulea ,Robert Târnăveanu and many others, with the accompaniment of renowned orchestras such as “Lăutarii din Chişinău”, “Codru de România”, „Maria Tanase„ , „Doina Gorjului”, Romanian Radio orchestra, „ Jidvei Romania” conducted by exceptional conductors, Nicolae Botgros , Adrian Grigoras , Stelian Stoica , Nicu Cretu , Aurel Blondea , Marcel Parnica and held by great snowmakers and producers of folklore broadcasts in Romania, Mrs. Marioara Murărescu , Mrs. Elize Stan , Mrs. Maria Tănase Marin , Mrs. Florentina Satmari.

In 2007 I made my first music album, “Floare pe munte crescui”, with the accompaniment of the orchestra of the professional artistic group “Doina Gorjului ” and the orchestral arrangement of conductor Marcel Parnica.

In 2008 I recorded on the radio, “Floare pe munte crescui”, album with the orchestral accompaniment of the Romanian Radio orchestra and the orchestral arrangement of conductor Adrian Grigoras

In early 2009 I made album “Florile de mac poarta noroc ” with the accompaniment of the orchestra of the professional artistic group “Doina Gorjului ” and the orchestral arrangement of conductor Aurel Blondea

In the spring of 2012 I made the album “From Gorj to Mehedinti” with orchestra accompaniment of ensemble “fiddlers” of Chisinau, under the wand of Maestro Nicholas Botgros and orchestral arrangements of conductor Mr. Nicu Cretu and Mr. Daniel Parvu

A new and major stage in my artistic career was in 2007, when I joined the professional artistic group “Doina Gorjului” of Targu Jiu, definitely one of the most renowned in the country, which, under the guidance of manager Gheorghe Porumbel, with exceptional dancers and instrumentalists, and especially great vocal singers such as Maria Loga, Ion Ghiţulescu , Ileana Lăceanu , Victoriţa Lăcătuşu, where I felt fulfilled as an interpreter of folk music.

In 2008 I tried a new approach to my vocal qualities and I attended the romance song festival “Crizantema de aur”- Targoviste, where I felt the appreciation of the audience and of the jury, and received one of the four grand prizes offered by the organizers.

From 2010 I am the producer of the show are “Folclor, Folclor” at Antena 1 Tg-Jiu.

I love folklore very much, I continually seek to collect authentic songs from the area I represent and to include them in my repertoire, and I have a beautiful collection of almost 100 traditional costumes.

In my musical programs, in addition to the specific repertoire of the area of Mehedinţi Mountains, I approach authentic Gorj folklore and the pastoral folklore of the Northern Oltenia region.

I wish and I would like to think that by my vocal qualities and my musical repertoire, I will enchant you and I will reach your soul and your heart.Olguta Berbec


They have said about me

Value lasts in time, and if we have ever wondered what would happen to Romanian traditional music, now we have a joyful answer, as there are a few good voices that have stood up and that lead a new golden generation of singers of traditional music, which is gradually embraced by the public. Olguta Berbec is certainly among the valuable youngsters, as she is one of the most important voices from Mehedinti County. Although it seemed that quality was no longer valued nowadays, this is disproved, and the public places the best on their due places.

It is not easy being an artist, but music has always been her life. Olguta Berbec knows it takes a lot of work, but it is worth it. What is it that a young singer requires in order to be a star? A lot of enthusiasm, imagination, in order to become an excellent performer, a professional that could go all the way in order to achieve the required nuance, that would be very sensitive and put art foremost. I believe that Olguta Berbec meets these criteria fully.

Olguta’s voice is not amazing through its extraordinary range or a special technique, but it has a special harmony, that “something” that makes it welcomed by the public wholeheartedly. Her presence lights up the stage and the TV screen. Although she carries out her personal and artistic projects very discretely, her name is well-known and appreciated. Olguta Berbec is very young, an age that she wears triumphantly, with the same shining and energy as in her debut years, with the same bright smile. She is a believer and knows that the soul is indissolubly connected to divinity. Thus, she thanks God for her gift. Talent is a form of responsibility in itself, a form of liability towards the audience. She knows she must share her gift from God with the people around her, thus fulfilling her duty towards herself and the audience, returning to the artistic life permanently with new discography that meets the expectations of folklore lovers, being successful every time.

Olguta Berbec has many qualities: she is serious, correct, she has self-imposed work discipline, very good diction and musical memory. She knows that limits are required in everything. She has good taste, without showing off. She is a beautiful girl, has a balanced life, full of joys and satisfactions that she fully deserves. Her talent is accompanied by a certain form of expressivity and nuancing of the musical phrase. These are the pluses that help her overcome any barrier and enter the people’s souls. And, furthermore, when she is on the stage, she lives the musical performance with emotion and dedication. The stage is where she leaves everything behind. Even though her performances are not quite so frequent, the audience knows her and gives her warm applauses any time they have the opportunity of seeing her.

From the musical perspective, she has a place to grow, as she is part of “Doina Gorjului” Professional Artistic Group, from Targu Jiu. Her cooperation with this group was a great help in her career, because, together with them, she enriched her manner of expression and she had the necessary motivation to approach a varied range of songs. The big advantage of this collaboration is the intellectual and inward opening, offered by this institution.

Now, she is channelling all her energy towards the cooperation with the radio and TV stations, but also towards the new album that has just come out. The atmosphere of her songs on this CD is full of fantasy and effervescence. The undeniable value of her repertoire and the extraordinary artistic level of her performance have made this young singer of Mehedinti folklore a much requested performer.

Talent, youth, dedication and perseverance are the defining elements of the success that has brought Olguta Berbec in the top preferences of the Romanian audiences.

By this CD, Olguta Berbec contributes to the preservation and capitalisation of the cultural wealth and traditional values of a very creative and talented people.

Elise Stan , Doctor in ethnomusicology,
director of shows for the Romanian Television.


“Several years ago, when I first heard Olguţa Berbec sing, I immediately realized that she had an amazing voice, with great potential.

Like the golden grain, washed by mud in so many waters, Olguţa’s voice, unique by its almost tragic drama, became more confident, expressive and forceful.

The seriousness, tenacity and even the spirit of sacrifice – three of the sine–qua-non qualities for success in an artistic career – are found in this young performer’s fiber, and this makes me say and state that her successes are far from over (not any successes, though!). I wish Olguta a long and pure flight on the eternal sky of Romanian Song!”

Viorel Garbaciu

Manager of the Folk Art School of Tg. Jiu


I have always admired the artists who, after becoming famous and appreciated by the people, still look around them with love for songs, are still searching… when they find a talent, in their journeys around the world, they bring it to light, support it, help it reach success. This was the beautiful beginning of singing for Olguta Berbec, years ago; I remember her in our holiday concerts, together with the children from Mehedinti, Baia de Arama, in the groups lead by Elena Mimis Tranca.

But her most beautiful encounter was with the famous Maria Rachiteanu Voicescu; I cannot forget this episode, because, in the show “Tezaur Folcloric”, I saw Olguta, so young and beautiful, in Maria’s costume, an old and very valuable costume, just like the songs she strived to leave behind.

Thus, it seems only natural that all Olguta’s achievements, as a member “Doina Gorjului” professional artistic group, would be considered a flower in the loving memory of those who guided her towards music.

Olguta’s voice, clean style, love for music are her arguments for becoming a very successful singer.

Marioara Murarescu

Director of Tezaur Folcloric


Olguta Berbec is the artist who, besides her warm voice and native talent, has the great advantage of being beautiful and bright. Furthermore, despite her youth, she seems to know what to choose and from whom, in the case of an example worth following.

I have said, so many times, that “she came from Mehedinti to blow our minds”. I’m glad that this album is the living proof of my words.

Good luck, Olguta! Your path is free, it’s open!

Gheorghe Porumbel

Director of “Doina Gorjului” professional artistic group


“Masterful among the masters of folk music”, this is how I imagined Olguta three years ago, when she joined the Folk Art School of Tg. Jiu. And this is what she has become!

Is there greater joy for a person besides the fulfillment of dreams?

Is there a greater reward for an artist than the applause in a show hall? Applauses which, in their own way, have contributed to the fulfillment of Olguţa’s dreams. A well-deserved reward, but one which demands more and better from her.

In time, her hopes have become my hopes and her joys, part of my feelings… Nothing is random because everything was supposed to be like this… Success!”

SUCCESS: a word many people use, but few live, few know its true value. Olguţa Berbec has always known what success is and quite early she lived it.

How did she get there? … with great ambition, with much work and dedication that few have. It is only the beginning and I hope what comes next will be equally successful”

Emilia Dragotoiu Nanu

music editor, canto music instructor of the
Folk Art School of Tg. Jiu

Me, different

Besides my passion for folklore I consider myself a sociable person, I manage to integrate relatively easily into a new community and I like to feel surrounded by dear friends.

I love to travel and whenever I get the chance, I go on trips with my friends, in Romania and abroad, where I joyfully like to discover new places, customs, people…

I love nature, I like specific lands and the manor areas of Mehedinti Mountains, and I go to the mountains because I love these people and places, and I feel wonderful among them.


I like taking photos of all these activities, I have thousands of photos, and I invite you to see some of them in my photo albums.